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Vallianz Workforce Management Solutions (WMS) offers staffing and talent management assistance. Through multilevel recruiting and project management, VWP can tailor its programs to meet your very specific needs.

Client Solutions

Talent Acquisition
Vallianz is the right partner to meet your staffing needs. Whether you want to acquire very specific expertise, a temporary worker or a new permanent employee for your team, our multi-level and niche recruiting processes help us deliver the right talent at the right time. We constantly monitor labour trends and work hand in hand with our clients to forecast demand and create winning staffing strategies.

Project Plus program
Stay focused on your business by relying on Vallianz Project program. Using proven PMO best practices, a dedicated Vallianz project manager will assess your staffing needs and manage some or all aspects to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Payroll services
Minimize the cost of managing independent contractors.

For many businesses, hiring independent contractors directly can seem like a winning strategy. Missing from that approach are all the related internal expenses and the potential costs of employee misclassification – managing contractors as if they were employees.

Vallianz Payroll Services enables clients to save money. Whether it is to hire directly one contract consultant or a whole project team, Vallianz offer the ideal solution to hire and efficiently processes payroll for your contractors, easing the workload on your finance team and eliminating classification issues.


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