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Our commitment

The company vision, team work and community involvement are the building blocks of Vallianz’s social responsibility initiatives.

At Vallianz, we take pride in our strategic role in the labour market but even more so of our active involvement in supporting the local communities that need it the most. They are the guiding principles behind our community involvement and are encouraging our employees to contribute their time and effort to programs that support and benefit locally and globally. Vallianz employees are active or contributing to the following programs:

  • Vallianz “Green Conscience”
  • Cancer Research
  • Parkinson Research
  • Supporting kids at school

Vallianz “Green Conscience”

At Vallianz, we believe that environmental responsibility is an opportunity. Our success and growth go hand in hand with the steps we take to reduce our environmental footprint and our commitment to the 3 “R’s” (reduce, reuse and recycle) whenever possible.

We are always looking for new ways to increase this commitment.

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